Pick Up at BlackBook Toy


[BlackBook Toyオフィスでの商品受け取りについて]

1. info@blackbooktoy.comまで希望商品、数量、日時をメールしてください。

2. 日時が確定しましたら、当日BBTオフィスまで足を運んでください。
〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-23-9-601

3. 出来る限りお釣りの出ない様商品代金を持ってきて頂きます様お願いします。
[Customers Overseas]
When you are visiting Tokyo, you can come out to BlackBook Toy office to pick toys up. Please make an appointment before visiting.
1. Please email to info@blackbooktoy.com about the items you want to buy, qty, date and time.
You can come pick up only in stock items, not out of stock items nor pre-order items.
Please note we will try our best but can't guarantee the date and time you want to.
2. Once fixed the date and time, please come visit our office then.
Ebisu4-23-9 Ebisu Blume601, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0013
3. Please bring the exact amount of money as we don't prepare changes.
You can pay through PayPal on sight or beforehand.
*Without appointment, we might not be able to serve you.