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About Shipment to USA

雷GUY one off by Marvel Okinawa Lottery

Frank Kozik:Lil Alex on Durango
We ship overseas!!


Shipment to USA
We found our domestic forwarder Yamato Transport can ship to USA at almost same price as EMS. So until EMS reopen their services, we would ship by Yamato Transport. There are some you should know. Please refer to our blog post. And even though they are still accepting shipment, it would take a few weeks to arrive. Sorry for the inconveniences these may have caused and thank you for your understanding!

Frank Kozik:Lil Alex on Durango
Kozikとの新ソフビ、Lil Alex on Durangoが遂に入荷。予約販売分に加え、イベント販売分としてプラスαで生産しましたが、しばらくまだイベントは無さそうなので、オンラインショップに再び登場です。これがラストチャンス!

Finally Frank Kozik's new sofubi, Lil Alex on Durango are now in stock!! Those who pre-ordered, we've already shipped your order out. Ohter than the amounts we got for pre-order, we've made some extra for some conventions, but looks like still no convention for a while, so decided to put them back online. Your last chance is here if you've missed pre-order!!

雷GUY one off by Marvel Okinawa
Marvel Okinawaによる超絶ワンオフ、雷GUYが登場!その名の通り胴体部分の稲妻、そして、背面の雷の文字が最高にイカス。1点物の為、5月30日、31日の2日間で抽選応募受付ます。

雷GUY one off by Marvel Okinawa!! As the name indicates, lightning on his body and 雷 letter on back!! Only 1pc made, so we would be accepting lottery entry from May 30th through 31st(JP). How to enter and other time zones, please refer to our blog post.

Curtis Kulig x Sync新作
Love MeことCurtis Kuligの新作がMedicom ToyのSyncより入荷。フロアマットとクッションです。どちらもアートな部屋には欠かせないピッタリのアイテムです。

New Curtis Kulig items by Sync of Medicom Toy have arrived!! MADE IN JAPAN floor mat and cushion. Perfect items for your ART room!!

MISHKA x Lamour Supreme:HELL BLACK
漆黒のNinja edition改めHELL BLACK editionのトリを飾るのはMISHKA x Lamour Supremeのソフビ、そして、BBTソフビとのマッシュアップ達。なんと一挙11種が大量ラインナップ。オススメは初登場となるHELL RIDEとのマッシュアップ。まるで狙ったかの様などハマり具合!2月28日深夜0時よりBBTオンラインショップにて販売開始。Warhead、指人形を除く8種より3個以上お買い上げの方は全世界送料無料!また、KONG、Beastをセット購入した方はWarheadがおまけで付属します。

The last drop of Jet BK Ninja edition aka HELL BK edition are MISHKA x Lamour Supreme. Some originals, some mashups with BBT other sofubi. Our push this time are mashups with HELL RIDE. Coincidentally perfect fit!! Here comes weird hot rodders!! On sale at our online shop from Feb 28th midnight(JP), which would be Feb 27th 7am(LA), 10am(NY), 3pm(UK), 10pm(TH), 11pm(HK, TW). When you purchase 3pcs&more from 8kinds(except Warhead and Finger Puppets), we would be offering WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING!! Plus those who purchase both of KONG and Beast would be getting Warhead for free!!

New Pins&Patches
先日LA出張に行った際に新作ピンズ&アイロンパッチを持ち帰りました。初登場のアイロンパッチはYesterdays Coの人気ピンズをそのまま落とし込んだ間違いない一品。今回よりピンズまとめ買い割にアイロンパッチも対象とします。3-5個で10%、6-9個で15%、10個以上で20%オフです。12月1日深夜0時よりオンライン販売開始。

New pins&patches are here!! On sale from midnight of Dec 1st(JP time). We have added patches to our discount for bulk pins order. Now 3-5pcs:10%, 6-9pcs:15% and 10&more:20% off.

Double Trouble 25:BBTポイント2倍
今月もやってきました!毎月25日は"Double Trouble 25"と題し、BBTポイント2倍とさせて頂きます!BBTポイントの獲得、利用には会員登録(無料)が必要となります。詳しくはこちらから。