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■Shipping Overseas


About Shipment to USA

MxMxM:Asura Rat Fink Vintage Gray

暴走族 mini Lil Alex one offs by Marvel Okinawa
We ship overseas!!


Shipment to USA
We found our domestic forwarder Yamato Transport can ship to USA at almost same price as EMS. So until EMS reopen their services, we would ship by Yamato Transport. There are some you should know. Please refer to our blog post. And even though they are still accepting shipment, it would take a few weeks to arrive. Sorry for the inconveniences these may have caused and thank you for your understanding!

Marc McKee:Rocco3 Devil Bear Monster GR
9/22いっぱいで予約受付終了です!その後のオンライン販売は予定していませんので、これがラストチャンスです!KING OF SKATEBOARD GRAPHICSことMarc McKeeの名作Rocco3 Devil Bearはスケートカルチャー好きなら絶対に押さえておきたい一品です!

Pre-Order would be closing through Sep 22nd(JP). So THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!! You might don't want to miss this masterpiece if you like skateboarding and its culture!!

暴走族 mini Lil Alex one offs by Marvel Okinawa
American meets Japanese!! 特攻服を身に纏った暴走族mini Lil Alexワンオフ by Marvel Okinawaが殴り込み!なんと言ってもめちゃくちゃな漢字が最狂です(笑)いずれも1点物の為、2020年9月19、20日の2日間で抽選応募受け付けます。

American meets Japanese!! Mini sized Lil Alex turned into Japanese Motorcycle gang aka 暴走族(Bosozoku) by Marvel Okinawa!! Those Chinese letters are so hilarious!! Only 1pc each made, so we would be accepting lottery entry from Sep 19th through 20th(JP).

Marc McKee:Last Supper Screen Prints
King of Board GraphicsことMarc McKeeの名作デッキに登場したキャラクターが一堂に会したLast Supperシルクスクリーンポスターが奇跡の再入荷。しかも今回は昨年のDConでサインを入れてもらってます。別料金でフレームセットも可能です。2020年7月25日深夜0時より販売開始。
また、同時刻より同じくMarc McKeeのRocco3 Devil Bearシルクスクリーンの激レアバリアントBK on BKも販売します。

Last Supper screen prints by Marc McKee are back in stock!! This time signed by Marc at DCon last year. We can get it framed with extra fee. On sale at our online shop from July 25th midnight.
And Rocco3 Devil Bear BK on BK screen print variant would be on sale at the same time.

MISHKA:Clear Neon PK sofubi

Newly lined up for BBT Clear Neon PK sofubi are MISHKA's KONG and 2 of finger puppets!! No need to say about the beauty of Clear Neon PK cast. This time KONG's ultimate weapon, Warhead comes with KONG as a prize!! But the price is same as previous ones(without Warhead), WHAT A GREAT DEAL!! On sale from June 5th midnight(JP), which would be June 4th 8am(LA), 11am(NY), 4pm(UK), 10pm(TH), 11pm(HK, TW).

Curtis Kulig x Sync新作
Love MeことCurtis Kuligの新作がMedicom ToyのSyncより入荷。フロアマットとクッションです。どちらもアートな部屋には欠かせないピッタリのアイテムです。

New Curtis Kulig items by Sync of Medicom Toy have arrived!! MADE IN JAPAN floor mat and cushion. Perfect items for your ART room!!

New Pins&Patches
先日LA出張に行った際に新作ピンズ&アイロンパッチを持ち帰りました。初登場のアイロンパッチはYesterdays Coの人気ピンズをそのまま落とし込んだ間違いない一品。今回よりピンズまとめ買い割にアイロンパッチも対象とします。3-5個で10%、6-9個で15%、10個以上で20%オフです。12月1日深夜0時よりオンライン販売開始。

New pins&patches are here!! On sale from midnight of Dec 1st(JP time). We have added patches to our discount for bulk pins order. Now 3-5pcs:10%, 6-9pcs:15% and 10&more:20% off.

Double Trouble 25:BBTポイント2倍
今月もやってきました!毎月25日は"Double Trouble 25"と題し、BBTポイント2倍とさせて頂きます!BBTポイントの獲得、利用には会員登録(無料)が必要となります。詳しくはこちらから。